NAVO (Northern Agency Veterans Organization) operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax exempted under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service codes.


One-Time Donation

We need your help. When you donate, you help us continue our work for Navajo (Diné) veterans. We want to realize our goals of having healthy veterans in safe & sound environments, building a Veteran Administration Regional Office on the Navajo Nation, and continuing the day-to-day operations of assisting veterans.

Monthly Donation

We are consistently working to build a stronger organization to ensure that the needs of Navajo (Diné) veterans are met. Your contribution directly supports our efforts for these veterans. While every donation is a wonderful gift that helps our cause, monthly gifts are helpful in the day-in and day-out work to ensure all Navajo (Diné) veterans are helped. A monthly donation is the most effective way to support all of our work for a longer period of time.