NAVO (Northern Agency Veterans Organization) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2019. Its mission is to directly serve Navajo (Diné) veterans in the Northern Navajo Agency. Our goals include establishing a dedicated Veteran Administration Regional Office on the Navajo Nation and providing essential services and support to our esteemed Diné veterans.

Our leadership are Diné veterans who understand the hardships Diné veterans face. The challenges that Diné veterans face daily are varied, tremendous, and are exacerbated by many residing in remote areas with no electricity, water, or transportation (e.g., the everyday conveniences of living in an urban area are not their realities).

We strongly believe Diné veterans have the best chance of wellness and survival from their war traumas through our cultural way of life (i.e., following traditional philosophies, protocols and practices). We are proud to be a 100% Navajo-led organization, driven by our deep understanding of Navajo (Diné) culture and the significance of integrating traditional practices alongside western counseling. Our leadership comprises of Diné veterans who are fluent in both the Diné and English languages which gives them to work with Diné veterans effectively. Additionally, our volunteer technical assistance team consists of Diné tribal members with diverse professional backgrounds, skill sets, and educational qualifications. The organization’s board members include Diné veterans who have held public elected positions and possess comprehensive knowledge of the legislative processes at the Navajo, state, and federal levels.